Terri P Williams is an absolute delight to work with. Her attention to detail, caring manner and appreciation for you and your project are second to none. Terri is based in Chicago and I am based in New York but it’s as if we are sitting in the same room. I highly recommend Terri. Ellie Savoy

Professional Productivity Lifestyle Specialist BOARD CERTIFIED HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH, Ellie Savoy

Terri has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to some of the everyday challenges and questions my team and I have. She is always quick to respond and goes out of her way to find the answer. Terri is a beautiful soul who suggests what is best for your business. She is a class act and I highly recommend her. Sunny Dawn Johnson

Psychic Medium | Spiritual Mentor | Author & Speaker, Creator of an amazing life at Sunny Dawn Johnston

When I finally found Terri, I felt like she took a huge (and important) weight off my shoulders. She understood what I wanted to accomplish, knew how to get it done, and hit the ground running. Terri is smart, patient, easygoing, and thoughtful. She listens to what my goal is, or what my questions are, and thinks things through until she can find the most efficient, intelligent solutions. JENNIFER ZWIEBAL

Founder & Chief Visionary, A Place of Joy

She’s helped me with SO many projects over the last couple of years, and done it all with grace, flexibility, lots of needed guidance on what to do and what not to do, great humor, and – most importantly – with the highest quality I could’ve hoped for. Terri’s really become an invaluable part of my team, and I encourage you to look at making her part of yours! GEOFF LAUGHTON

Relationship Architect | Best Selling Author | Master NLP Practitioner | Hypnotherapy | Motivational Speaking, Your Relationship Architect

Terri is fabulous! She helped me set up my campaigns with Infusionsoft, handled all the details, and overall made everything beautiful. I highly recommend her! MARIA KILLAM

True Colour Expert (Founder and CEO of Understanding Undertones of Colour. Decorator, author, and International sought after colour expert), Maria Killam

I hired Terri to create documentation for a series of instructional videos. She took my direction and created such beautiful and comprehensive documentation I was blown away. CANDY SUGARMAN

Helping Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses with Online Marketing, Play Big Online Marketing

Terri is a natural born leader. She communicates in a clear, concise and articulate manner, while at the same time being warm and reassuring; helping the people in her sphere of influence work through any challenges they may have. She is dedicated and passionate about the projects she takes on – delivering them in a timely, above-and-beyond manner. Terri is an inspiration! Laurie Buchanan

Holistic Health Practitioner, Transformational Life Coach, and Author, Tuesdays with Laurie

Terri was an essential part of getting my Infusionsoft campaign off the ground. She has been so responsive, knowledgable and helpful strategizing and implementing with me. She’s been super patient explaining aspects of the program I didn’t understand, and double checking my work so that I could learn it and still make sure it was going out correctly. She’s the best, I’d highly recommend her to anyone! Pia Silva

Speaker at Pia Silva, Worst of All Design

I worked with Terri in providing an evaluation of the insurance and safety program for Nick’s Pizza & Pub. Her attention to detail and responsiveness is second to none. She is truly a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend to anyone that is looking to get a job done professionally, accurately and in a timely manner. Ginger Imes

Vice President Commercial Division , DSP Insurance Services

We have worked with Terri for only a few months and already she has made a huge impact in our business via Infusionsoft! Terri jumped right in and with very little knowledge about our business or our team, she helped set up an impromptu campaign to generate quick sales for the company. She barely knew us but after a week of working with her, she was an integral part of the team! She took initiative and made suggestions on how to improve our processes..We are blessed to have her on our team!! Tracey Daniel

Administrative Assistant, Ingredient Sales Insights