Flora Peterson Sage – Simplify Your Life & Your Biz so you can begin to manifest a life you Love!

Terri is my saving Grace! I am so grateful to have her on my team! She truly does it all! She handles my billing / invoicing, shopping cart, campaign creation, newsletter prep, template creation, affiliate / referral partner management, Customer Hub page updates and anything else in Infusionsoft that I need done quickly. She has also helped me to integrate a few outside platforms with Infusionsoft to up my lead reach. I hired Terri after about 9 months of working in InfusionSoft by myself, to help me streamline my tags and auto-responder campaigns. During that project she made some suggestions about my campaigns that boosted my open rates and engagement. She also shared with me how to do other things that I had been trying to figure out for months. Realizing I was sitting on a Gold Mine I hired her full time for my Biz! I could not imagine my Business without Terri! She is professional, very easy to talk with, and she isn’t afraid to make suggestions about how we could do things better or more efficiently. I love that she will help me brainstorm about how to approach a new idea or offering in my biz. Her turn around time is Amazing! I cannot say enough Great things about Terri and her work. Anyone who asks me about Infusionsoft and IS management I always mention Terri and how incredible she is! I thank her several times a week for how fantastic her and her work is. If you are looking for someone to Rock Your Business and Save you So Much Time, I highly recommend Terri!


Maria Killam True Colour Expert (Founder and CEO of Understanding Undertones of Colour. Decorator, author, and International sought after colour expert

Terri is fabulous! She helped me set up my campaigns with Infusionsoft, handled all the details, and overall made everything beautiful. I highly recommend her!


Jane Munagian – Head of Leadership Development at Electronic Arts

Terri was professional, authentic, engaging, funny, smart and always looking to be better. She asked for and openly accepted feedback. Terri was a pleasure to work with, and I would love to work with her again someday!


Candy Sugarman – Social Media Strategist & Trainer | Founder of Gun Powder Gals | Author

I hired Terri to create documentation for a series of instructional videos. She took my direction and created such beautiful and comprehensive documentation I was blown away. The work is complete, the quality impressive and everything was done on-time. Terri’s wonderful personality and can-do attitude makes her a joy. I will definitely work with her again and I highly recommend her to others.


Salvatore Di Bernedetto – Business Development at Gordon Food Service

I had the opportunity to work with Terri in Crystal Clear Toastmasters. Terri happens to be one of the most dynamic speakers that I have had the opportunity to listen to, she is enthusiastic, friendly, and an overall wonderful person. Anyone would be blessed to have the opportunity to work with her.


Tracey Daniel

We have worked with Terri for only a few months and already she has made a huge impact in our business via Infusionsoft! Terri jumped right in and with very little knowledge about our business or our team, she helped set up an impromptu campaign to try generate quick sales for the company. She barely knew us but after a week or two of working with her, we felt like she was an integral part of the team! She took initiative and made suggestions on how to improve our processes right from the start. She’s great to talk with but can also take ideas from video and implement them flawlessly! We have loved working with Terri and are hopeful we will continue to do so. Knowing she’s handling all the “behind the scenes” pieces of Infusionsoft gives us so much confidence and increased bandwidth to continue growing the company. We are blessed to have her on our team!!


Deb McGowan – Massage Therapist at Sunnydawnjohnston.com

What I most appreciate about Terri is her willingness to jump in and help troubleshoot our campaigns and provide alternate solutions to obstacles we’ve encountered in a short turnaround time. She is available for a quick check-in to keep me rolling when I need it; and also takes the time to gather our requirements for larger projects and really researches the options we can utilize to move forward in the most efficient way possible. Fun to work with and very Knowledgeable! Thanks Terri!!!


Laurie Huspen – Workplace Harassment and Bullying Awareness and Prevention Training Via LIVE THEATRE Performance

I am a human resources consultant. At one of my client’s back in 2008, we were recruiting for a customer service manager. Terri sent me her resume to apply for the position. I immediately liked Terri from our first conversation via the phone and recommended her to speak with the owner of the company. Terri is very professional and personable. Since her interview with my client, her path took her in a different direction, but she and I have kept in touch ever since since.


Brian Appleton – Host of Insurance Agent Summit & Co Host at Virtual Advisor Summit

Terri was fantastic. Easy to work with and was very knowlegable. I would use her again on any project!


Ginger ImesVice President Commercial Division at DSP Insurance Services

I worked with Terri in providing an evaluation of the insurance and safety program for Nick’s Pizza & Pub. Her attention to detail and responsiveness is second to none. She is truly a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend to anyone that is looking to get a job done professionally, accurately and in a timely manner.


Mary Anne MuscatLoan Officer at Ross Mortgage Corporation

I had known Terri for about a year when she was starting Crystal Clear Toastmasters; she told me she needed only 2 more people to get chartered and asked me to join. I’m not a morning person I told her, “we’ll have fun” she said. I couldn’t understand having fun at 7:30am, but she was right. Terri is energetic, enthusiastic, honest and hard working. She made us all want to reach our goals and have fun along the way. I’m glad I took her advice and happy to call her a friend.


Sunny Dawn Johnston – Psychic Medium | Spiritual Mentor | Author & Speaker | Creator of an amazing life at Sunny Dawn Johnston

Terri has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to some of the everyday challenges and questions my team and I have. She is always quick to respond and always goes out of her way to find the answer. Terri is a beautiful soul who suggests what is best for your business. She is a class act and I highly recommend her;)


Laurie BuchananHolistic Health Practitioner | Transformation Life coach | Author

Terri is a natural born leader. She communicates in a clear, concise and articulate manner, while at the same time being warm and reassuring; helping the people in her sphere of influence work through any challenges they may have. She is dedicated and passionate about the projects she takes on – delivering them in a timely, above-and-beyond manner. Terri is an inspiration!

Georgia Foster – Creator of The Drink Less Mind. Professional speaker, serial author, clinical hypnotherapist, expert for media comment.

Wowww. Terri has been the backbone of my new Infusionsoft life! I could not have launched my new website with Customer Hub membership site without her. Being a sole trader, it gets very lonely. Knowing I have her to call upon and help build my business and brand is very reassuring.


Scotty Bruer – PeaceNow.com 

Terri has done vital work in designing, implementing, maintaining, customizing, the utilities, scripts, programs, campaigns that carry our message to our supporters. She responds quickly to hurried requests. Her communication skills are top notch. She is professional performing every aspect of the work. Finally she is a beautiful human being. I offer this advice. Employ her today!


Geoffrey Laughton – Relationship Architect | Best Selling Author | Master NLP Practitioner | Hypnotherapy | Motivational Speaking

Well, I’m sorry that there aren’t more superlatives in the dictionary, because Terri deserves every single one of them. Like many of the other reviews, Terri has been my lifesaver, hand holder, butt kicker, and secret weapon all rolled into one. She’s the ONLY person I trust with my business’ use of Infusionsoft. She’s helped me with SO many projects over the last couple of years, and done it all with grace, flexibility, lots of needed guidance on what to do and what not to do, great humor, and – most importantly – with the highest quality I could’ve hoped for. Terri’s really become an invaluable part of my team, and I encourage you to look at making her part of yours!


Pia Silva – Speaker at Pia Silva

Terri was an essential part of getting my Infusionsoft campaign off the ground. She has been so responsive, knowledgable and helpful strategizing and implementing with me. She’s been super patient explaining aspects of the program I didn’t understand, and double checking my work so that I could learn it and still make sure it was going out correctly. She’s the best, I’d highly recommend her to anyone!


Jennifer Zwiebel – Founder & Chief Visionary at A Place of Joy

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have made my way to Terri Williams. I’d bumbled around trying to do everything in IS myself while also running my business, and then realized I needed to hand the process off to someone who actually knew what she was doing. When I finally found Terri, I felt like she took a huge (and important) weight off my shoulders. She understood what I wanted to accomplish, knew how to get it done, and hit the ground running. Terri is smart, patient, easygoing and thoughtful. She listens to what my goal is, or what my questions are, and thinks things through until she can find the most efficient, intelligent solutions. Because she understands the IS system, she has helped me do things I didn’t even know were possible. She’s made suggestions that have helped me improve my clients’ experiences, and that have made my own processes more streamlined and effective. Terri has been there for big projects and small. She’s shown me how to do things myself when I ask, and been happy to take things off my plate the rest of the time. She is an integral part of my team, and is someone I know I can rely on–and if you run your own business, you know how HUGE that is. I’ve happily referred her to friends and colleagues, who have been equally thrilled with her. I thank Terri on a regular basis, from the bottom of my heart, and know that the people who get to work with her are lucky indeed.


Ellie Savoy – Inspirational Speaker | Natural Weight Loss & Holistic Health Coach | 2 x International #1 Best Selling Author

Terri P Williams is an absolute delight to work with. Her attention to detail, caring manner and appreciation for you and your project are second to none. Terri is based in Chicago and I am based in New York but it’s as if we are sitting in the same room. I highly recommend Terri.