Membership Sites!

AccessAlly and CustomerHub integrate well with Infusionsoft

CustomerHub Membership Site

Customizing Workflow will provide:

  • Set up of your membership site.
  • Branding of your membership site (using your existing branding).
  • Integration with your Infusionsoft application.
  • Integration with your Ecommerce Merchant Account – members are able to access their subscriptions, credit cards, update their credit cards, pay their invoices, and manage their passwords directly in the site.
  • One membership program added to your membership site (up to 5 CustomerHub web pages with your content; including videos and images).
  • One campaign to send login credentials to signups, a welcome email, followup emails (up to 5)–all email content to be provided by client.
  • Promoting your products on your CustomerHub membership site web pages (up to 3 ads) and visible only to those members that do not already have product being promoted.

Drip your program to your members

  • Drip your program to your members weekly or daily or monthly
  • Very doable!

What is CustomerHub?

CustomerHub is simple-to-use cloud-based software that lets you quickly and easily build a password-protected membership site where you can upload and share valuable multimedia content with thousands of subscribers at once.

AccessAlly Membership Site

Finally an Infusionsoft Membership Site Plugin that won’t have you pulling your hair out. Check out AccessAlly today to relieve all of your membership site headaches. Please use my Affiliate link here.

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Membership for TEAMS