It’s easy to be me… and not so easy.

There is a lot of detailed information on line these days! …and not only information, but people’s lives!

If I watch an editorial or documentary about a person who has used their life in a meaningful way, I can’t help but reflect on my life. What have I done that is so fascinating? Well, not much compared to say: Tinker Hatfield, Bjarke Ingels, or Paula Scher.

I believe knowing what you enjoy and developing that skill or craft during your years makes you the person you become. I’ve been searching for a purpose in my life and have yet to find it. In the early 90’s, when I learned about vision statements and purpose and strategy and goals, I began to search for my vision and purpose. My mentor at the time said, “You seem to be struggling with this, and you don’t need to have your purpose today or tomorrow – it could be years.” Maybe that’s why I am still searching.

Maybe for now just making sure those around me are having fun is enough.