Watching the movie God’s Not Dead 2 triggered a thought, “Blog about Faith.” So here it is!

I’ve always had faith being brought up in a Catholic school and church. In my teens even though I prayed and talked to God on a daily basis, I never wavered in my belief of a God…

… but I did stop going to church.

As I got older, in my 40s – still no wavering, but in my 50s I began to wonder and I began to question if there was a God. Not only IF but WHAT was God, WHO was God, and WHY did I talk to Him? Why would I ask God to help me have courage or strength or resistance in what was happening in my life at a precise moment.

Today I do believe in a God – not as a man that sits in a gigantic chair (as depicted in The Secret,” but rather an invisible ‘thing’ an ‘entity.’ 

Some people say to me, “Are you serious? You think there is something out THERE that will help you? You really believe that if you ‘pray’ or ‘talk with God’ that he HEARS you?”

In my mind, just saying the words, “he HEARS you” makes me realize the person actually doesn’t know for sure if there is a God or not, but kind of wants to believe that there is. 

… and a moment in a person’s life when their life is threatened, whom do they call out to? Is GOD in their prayer? Or do they say, “I’m about to die…oh well.”

I doubt it very much.

(Remember, these are just my thoughts and my beliefs.)